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The following form must be submitted at least eight (8) weeks prior to the event.

Note: This request must be made by an official of the organization.

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You can also fill out the following forms and send to the Physical Plant office (Fax: (305) 628-6794, Email: jordehi@stu.edu): Special Event Filler, Bobcat Hall Map, Convocation Hall Map.

(Maximum 2-4 pending area)

Give a brief description of the layout, i.e. Theater Layout with a row in the middle.

Special Notes: The Office of Physical Plant and the Fernandez Family Center does not Skirt Tables, Decorate, or Dress up Tables for any event.

There is no charge for University events, other than those for rental of tables, chairs, platforms, skirting, or labor charges for set-ups requiring weekend set-up or clean-up. Outside organizations must inquire in advance of filing this form with the Physical Plant office at (305) 628-6594.

As of Fall 2018, STU policy prohibits the smoking of tobacco products, marijuana, electronic cigarettes (vaping), or the carrying of lighted tobacco products. Additionally, the use, possession, or cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes is not allowed on University property; nor is it allowed at any University sponsored event or activity.

Promotional Material must be presented to STU along with this request.

All participants/spectators/staff must park in desgnated parking spaces.

No helium balloons allowed inside FFC facility and no food/drinks allowed inside the FFC gym.

IMPORTANT: Should the event be cancelled, please notify the Office of Physical Plant as soon as possible. This will enable the Office of Physical Plant the possibility of offering the facility to others and avoid set-ups that are unnecessary. Please note all cancellations are to be done in writing and sent to the Office of Physical Plant either via e-mail or fax. No exceptions.