St. Thomas University’s Emergency Notification System

STUAlerts! – Update Your Personal Contact Information in MyBobcat; please click the appropriate link:

- Faculty
- Staff

Severe weather and hurricane season (June 1st   to December 1st) are just two of the reasons why familiarizing yourself with the University’s STU Alert! Portal is a good idea.  Whom may deploy components of our Portal and, when is outlined in the university’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) located at:  

STUAlert! messages are sent via voicemail, text, email, wall-mounted in-class/common-area notification system (shown below), and public address system.  When an emergency occurs, an alert will be sent to you via the method(s) you have selected on MyBobcat. Update personal contact information and the methods by which you want to be notified of an emergency by clicking the appropriate link:  StudentFacultyStaff. Students are responsible for maintaining their contact information for STUALERTS! to maximize the University's capability to notify them of a life threatening emergency and issue appropriate protective actions. 

Emergency notifications will also appear on the University’s Facebook & Twitter accounts. Register at:  Facebook and Twitter.

A Public Address (PA) System (i.e., loud speakers) is located throughout campus and may be used to alert the campus community and guests to severe weather or other dangerous situation.  A protective action may be issued (e.g., “shelter-in-place away from windows and doors”) to advise what you may do to protect yourself and, only when the threat has ended will an all-clear be announced.

Blue Light Emergency Phones (photo above) and Call-Boxes (photo below) provide the campus community and guests a method for alerting Public Safety Officers of an emergency.  In an emergency, anyone may depress the button located on these units and communicate the emergency to Public Safety who immediately provides the appropriate response.  After dark, Blue Light Phones emit a light, which can be seen from a distance.  Campus locations. Recently, another blue light emergency phone was installed near the Chikee Hut.

The Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System 
sends a red alert in the form of a loud 15-second horn blast when there is a 97% chance of a lightning strike within 2 miles of campus.  The horns are located near our athletic fields and may be heard in other areas of campus.  Seek shelter inside of a building when you hear the horn and wait for three 5-second horn blasts indicating an all-clear before continuing outdoor activities.

Safety & security is everyone’s responsibility  Immediately report suspicious persons or activities to STU Public Safety at (305) 628-6500.  Please call 911 in an emergency.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Locations. Eight AEDs are located throughout campus and may be used by only certified individuals.  Public Safety Staff are certified to use this equipment, as are Athletics Coaches and a few staff.