STU Smoke Free Zone Policy

Policy Statement

St. Thomas University is committed to providing a healthy working and learning environment for the entire campus community.  To that end, smoking areas have been designated throughout the campus.  The policy will reduce harm from secondhand smoke, provide an environment that encourages individuals to become tobacco free, and promote a campus culture of wellness. 

Policy Scope
This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, contractors, vendors, and visitors.  The use of tobacco and all smoking products (including electronic cigarettes also known as e-cigs) are allowed within the designated smoking areas, anyone smoking outside of these areas is in violation of this policy and will be subject to a fine.


Community Enforcement
Members of the STU community will collectively share the responsibility of respectfully letting others know about our new Smoke Free Zone Policy.

We ask for your assistance in helping to enforce the new policy, however, please remember to treat others with respect and professionalism. If you see someone smoking, we ask that you politely let them know that St. Thomas now has smoke free zones on campus. Many of our colleagues and visitors may not be aware of the new policy, so please be respectful when addressing smokers. If someone becomes agitated or hostile upon being approached, please do not escalate the situation. SIMPLY WALK AWAY.

Report Repeated Violations
Enforcement is everyone’s responsibility. If you notice a regular pattern of smoking (someone continuing to smoke in a smoke-free area), you can report this activity at; this is anonymous.  You will not be identified as the one reporting the infraction.