We rejoice in the gift of new life you have received from God.


             Throughout all of salvation history baptism is understood to be the sacrament of transformation from a life of self-seeking to one of self-giving in the manner of Jesus, who came to give Himself to the world for our salvation.

Baptism Guidelines

To register a child for Baptism the following requirements ought to be met:

  • Baptism Application Form
  • Parents are to request the baptism directly, in person, and both ought to provide a valid government issued picture I.D.
  • Original or Certified Copy of the child's Birth Certificate
  • Only Original Documents will be considered fax, e-mail, photocopies and/or facsimiles are NOT accepted.
  • To have your child Baptized at the Chapel of St. Anthony, you need a Letter of Permission from your home parish signed by the pastor and containing the parish seal/stamp.
  • If one of the parents professes another faith (i.e. is not Catholic) or will be absent at the Baptism, a notarized letter (affidavit) giving the minister the authority to Baptize the child is required.
  • Godparents must be adults at least 16 years of age, and they have to be fully initiated in to the Catholic Church (i.e. Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist) and practice their faith.
    • Godparents ought to provide a Recent Copy of their Baptismal Certificate with Notations or,
    • Godparents ought to provide a Recent Copy of their Baptismal Certificate and a Recent Copy of their Confirmation Certificate.
    • They must also provide a letter from their home parish stating they are a Catholic in good standing.
  • The date desired will not be confirmed and is Tentative unless the file has been completed and all the requirements met! Only the officiating priest has the authority to approve the file and confirm the date, once it has been completed.
  • A donation is required when reserving the date.
  • Please arrive Thirty (30) minutes before the time of the celebration.

While we enjoy the faculties to witness and administer the Sacraments in the Chapel of St. Anthony, we may only do so for those who are directly in relationship with St. Thomas University (i.e. 
Board Members, Faculty, Staff, Students)

Please note that the Baptism will be registered at St. James Catholic Church.  Therefore, in the future you ought to seek any records at St. James.

Thank You and God bless your Family!

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