School of Arts & Education


Institute for Professional Studies
Agency/Name Funding Period Award # Partner Existing and Anticipated Outcomes
Current Projects
ICUF Democracy Project Cycle II (Blackwell) 

 $375,500 2009-2012     ICUF Democracy’s Laboratory
Florida State Dept. of Education. 
1.Provides professional development and coaching support for high school social science teachers to advance civic education and effective participation in democracy in Miami-Dade County and Broward County Public Schools
2. Funds more than 100 teachers with tuition for 2 graduate-level courses and supervision of a mentoring experience involving other teachers.
3. Forms teacher leaders in development of civics education and encourages formation of Center for Democracy.

Student Services
Agency/Name Funding Period Award # Partner Existing and Anticipated Outcomes
Current Projects
Project SUCCESS/U.S. Department of Education
$1.5 million 2007-2012       1. Forty faculty incorporate TESOL in disciplinary courses (STEM, Social Sciences, Business et al);
2.Three hundred high school teachers trained/gain ESOL Endorsement to improve ELL teaching
3. Form seven University-Schools for STU-secondary schools mutual development
4. Fifteen professional development conferences for STU faculty and School Coordinators
Upward Bound 
$1 million   2007-2012     1.Fifty low-income first-generation high school students tutored in academics, life experience.
2. Encourage college enrollment
3.Provides stipends, awards, and an intensive summer term.
4. Three high schools served: Norland, North Miami, and Miami Senior
Title V Retention -
$2.7 million 2008-2013     1.Total & systematic reformation academic enhancement program to increase retention and student success and departmental cooperative development of advisement, mentoring and matriculation
2.Developing & deploying institutionally first student continuous tracking system to support advisement and retention including (a) Faculty initiated Response for Student Tracking (F.I.R.S.T.) and (b) Student Tracking for Advising and Retention (S.T.A.R.) as integrated, innovative database system of student information providing on-line tracking and signaling to campus service providers 3.Develops & unites 50 faculty as Transformational Leaders in organization culture transformation--nurturing caring for students as organizational culture value with commitment to retention, student advisement and student achievement.
4. Develops institutional leadership and policies such as promotional policies and leadership, which recognize caring for students evident in such actions as advisement and nurturing retention.
21st Century Centers Florida Dept of Education with federal funding  $3.25 million 2009-2014     1. Entitled Go! Allez! Vamos! Serves per annum 320 low income, minority, and limited English proficient students in four Title I high schools in Miami Dade County. South Miami HS primarily Hispanic; North Miami HS primarily Haitian. Homestead HS migrant. Mater Academy HS public charter primarily Hispanic. All Title 1 Schools.
2. On-site tutoring and enrichment activities after school for three hours each day four days each week and on the St. Thomas University Campus during 3 weeks in Summer.
3. All activities are designed to achieve 4 goals, as follows: (a) To maximize the academic potential of students in reading, mathematics and science, (b) To support and increase cultural learning and student retention, (c) To help students develop, apply and maintain healthful physical practices, (d) . 
4. Academic and enrichment activities organized into 4 major components. Academia Series: Provides academic tutoring in reading, math and science. Cultural Fusions: Creates culturally based enrichment activities for students and their families. World of Recreation: Presents traditional (i.e. basketball) and non-traditional (i.e. fencing) sports activities and also teaches healthy nutrition practices as well as substance abuse and violence prevention. Parents Club: This is a mandatory feature of the program designed to serve parents and families of participating students. Engages parents in children’s activities.
5. Employs two full time University professionals and 63 hourly teachers and specialized tutors.