School of Science, Technology & Engineering Management


 Agency/Name Funding Period Award # Partner Existing and Anticipated Outcomes
 Current Projects
DOE-FIPSE $300,000 1/1/11-12/31/13 P116Z100221 None 1. Design a research-based model of elementary school teacher leaders development to advance elementary school science teaching and learning
2. Production of inquiry-conceptual science teaching modules synchronized with Florida science teaching curriculum and best practices
3. Develop a five year program of professional development for first service in a two county area.
4. Scale-up dissemination of the elementary science teacher leaders development model
5. First year model development and implementation based in 15 elementary schools from STU with 30 initial model development 4th and 5th grade teachers in primarily Title I schools.
6. Five year grant proposal for further development and implementation targeted.
DOE STEM-TRAC $1,373,000 1/3/12-9/30/16 P03C110190  MDC 1. Increase the number of Hispanics and other disadvantaged students in Miami-Dade County attaining degrees in the field of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics
2. Build in prior joint collaborations and existing transfer articulation agreements with St. Thomas University (4-year university), promoting the attainment of STEM-degrees among Hispanic and other disadvantaged students. 
USDA NIFA-HIS $562,982 9/1/11-8/3/15 2011-38422-30804 FIU 1. Increase Hispanic diversity within USDA workforce by at least 40 graduates
2. Building a national capacity for solving food and agricultural problems using biology approaches
3. Integrating digital and communication technology
USDA-FS $49,999 10/2/11-10/01/13 11DG11330101112 None 1. Screening for potential anticancer activity using invasive plants to the Southern forests
BC/BS-FL $50,000 10/2/11-10/1/12 N/A None 1. Creation of a cancer research facility
D.Moreira $40,000 1/1/12-12/31/12 N/A None 1. Creation of a cancer research facility
BS/BC Endowment $1,100,000 8/3/11-current N/A None 1. Faculty position in STEM-ethics
BS/BC-FL Endowment $267,012 current N/A None 1. Scholarship for the nursing program (5% annual)
North Miami-Date Medic $1,673,544 current N/A None 1. Scholarship for the nursing program (5% annual)
DoD-SCR 2 $350,000 9/1/12-6/30/12 W81XWH1010617 UOP 1. To research how zebrafish neurons regenerate after spinal cord injury
2. To provide undergraduate students with research experience
Dod-SCR 3 $524,000 9/1/11-10/01/14 W81XWH1110645 UOP 1. To research how zebrafish neurons regenerate after spinal cord injury
2. To provide undergraduate students with research experience
USDA $11,906 06/01/11-9/30/12 58-6631-1-007 None 1. Collaborate and develop a sensitive assay for cacao swollen-shoot virus for diagnosis of virus infection in leaves suitable for scaling up to testing large sample numbers
2. Collaborate in generating haploids via another culture for cacao as well as cell cultures for genetic studies.
NSF $104,608 1/31/11-1/30/12 AST-1122281 None 1. Program Director (rotator) in Division of Astronomical Sciences, NSF
Dr. Ajhar $106,786 1/31/12-1/30/13 AST-1227760 None
BC/BS $100,000 11/30/12-12/1/13 N/A None 1. Further development of a cancer research facility
Kennedy Foundation $20,000 11/30/12-12/01/13 N/A None 1. $2,500 stipend for 8 students for Summer Research Institute 2013
D. Moreira $25,000 11/30/12-12/1/13 N/A None 1. Further Development of STEM programs and facilities
FPnL $40,000 11/30/12-12/1/13 N/A None 1. Adding two solar panels on the roof of the School of Science
 Grant Pending Projects
 NSF AGEP  $325,000 1/1/13-6/30/17 N/A FIU 1. STEM Student and internships
2. Teaching Experience for FIU graduate students at STU
 Grant Completed Projects


10/1/08-9/30/11 P031C080179-09 MDC
1. Entitled Si Puedo formed a permanent Science Fellows and Mathematics Fellows Programs
2. Partnership unites University (STU) and Miami Dade College-Anti-American (MDC-IA)
3. Engages Fellows Programs in full four-year STU program & in united STU and MDC-IA seamless program continuum in biology, physics and mathematics supported by a joint STU-MDC student services program.
4. Fellows programs requisite (a) Cohort group formation for student “learning community” and (b) Fellows participate in research at undergraduate level.
3. Increases in Hispanic and other minority enrollment and successful matriculation.
4. Extraordinary research dimension increases entering quality graduate programs or employment.
5. To support these research-based programs the great majority of rooms in our new science building are research-teaching laboratories.
6. To increase support and advance the quality of science and mathematics education among our students the University has (a) appointed University Teacher Mentors in 28 senior high schools and (b) has acquired other but related resources for developing a K-16 (elementary-secondary-university) science and mathematics quality continuum. As an essential final feature the University seeks to gain resources to achieve permanent continuity of this innovative program for primarily Hispanics and other minorities.
7. Generates three STU professional personnel in Laboratory Direction and Student Services
DoD-SCR 1 $340,000 6/10/09-1/9/11 W81XWH0910403 UOP
1. To research how zebrafish neurons regenerate after spinal cord injury
2. To provide undergraduate students with research experience
BC/BS - Fl $94,000 10/2/10-5/1/11 N/A
1. Purchase of SimMan for the nursing program
H. Kramer mem. fund $20,000 4/1/12-5/1/12 N/A
1. Remodel/development of the computer modeling undergraduate research lab
NASA $278,460 8/15/06-8/14/07 NNK06EC96G None
1. The aim is to improve access of minority students to careers in the sciences by improving the research equipment available to students and faculty
2. Improve the opportunities and quality offered by our existing science programs
“New Scientific Discovery Opportunities for Minorities”
DOE MSEIP $222,105 10/1/05-9/30/09 P120A050062
1. Hired a new faculty member in biology to increase undergraduate scientific research opportunities
2. Established an annual undergraduate symposium to share and showcase local undergraduate research projects with other area universities
3. Established a rooftop observatory including a small radio telescope
4. Purchased scientific demonstration equipment and models for educating students, teachers, and the community
NASA $819,000   1/1/04-12/31/04 NNG04GB69G
1. Enhancement of St. Thomas University's science and technology infrastructure
DE $626,000 8/1/06-10/31/07 DEFG02005CH11262
1. Carnival Building construction.
DOE-MSEIP $332,665   10/30/09-9/30/12 P120A090044 MDC 1. Minority Science and Engineering Improvement
2. Provision of faculty, equipment and student services support
3. Recruits and advises underrepresented minorities and women for science and engineering careers