About STU's Title V Grant

In 2008, through the U.S. Department of Education, St. Thomas University was awarded the Title V grant. This grant is designed to assist Hispanic-Serving institutions with the purpose to expand educational opportunities and improve the attainment of Hispanic and low-income students . Through the development of the program, "Initiative for Student Success (ISS)", STU plans to fulfill such goals.




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The following are the activities describing the process for ISS: Student Academic Development and Retention:

  1. This activity seeks to improve student retention and increase persistence through graduation, and includes acquisition of information technologies and retention software used to assess, monitor and track student progress and support teaching and learning opportunities, renovation of centralized space for services, and training and development for faculty and staff in the use of systems to support retention efforts.

  2. The second component includes evaluation of learning deficits of entering (freshmen and transfer) students with 'at risk' profiles, the development and delivery of remedial services to meet their academic and advising needs, and activation of a system to track progress from entry through graduation.

  3. The third component includes the delivery of follow-through academic services to support continuing students who received remedial services, and services to others identified as having' at risk' profiles. Student progress is monitored continuously, and individuals are advised, in a timely manner, to access needed support services. Services are delivered via tutoring and mentoring, a writing and information technology skills development center, and through remedial teaching and learning courses and courseware.

  4. A fourth component is designed to deliver additional social and personal services tailored to the needs of Hispanic and low-income students. These services include: counseling (family and personal), assistance with issues of financial aid and supplemental employment, and career and occupational counseling.


STU's Title V Grant Goals

Academic Programs

  • Maintain access and improve quality
  • Improve entry level services
  • Provide academic and social support services

Institutional Management

  • Create a campus-wide integrated administrative information system
  • Provide staff and training for integrated ISS services
  • Renovate and equip space for ISS services

Fiscal Stability

  • Increase institutional competitiveness
  • Stabilize enrollments
  • Add capacity to university advancement services