Academic Resources Administration

1. ARA Purpose: Quest for external resources to support:

  • Advancement of academic programs 
  • Increasing student enrollment qualitatively and quantitatively
  • Faculty development, faculty resources, and faculty advancement 
  • Research and dissemination of research results 
  • Innovative initiatives in leadership, programs 
  • Student retention, advancement, & "feeder systems K-20" 
  • Partnerships with educational institutions, governmental agencies, businesses, community organizations and international institutions and agencies 
  • Creation and sustaining of University-Schools 
  • University general revenue and financial support of Schools and other Academic units 
2. ARA Resource Sources
  • Federal and state grants
  • Service contracts
  • Partnerships
  • Innovative academic initiatives development & modeling
  • Foundations (if approved by University Advancement)
  • International and foreign contracts and grants

 3. ARA Service
  • ARA Dean & Professor of Education John A. Carpenter, Ph.D.
  • ARA Associate Director Angela C. Rodriguez
  • Email contact: &
  • Cellular telephone contact: 305 342 7959 (Carpenter)
  • Office and Workshop Contact and Services: Omailia Hall 6A
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For information on Foundations & Corporate Grants, please contact Susan M. Smith.  

Susan M. Smith
Director for Prospect Research
University Advancement
(305) 628-6661