Online Services


Academic Support/Ombudsman
Ombudsman services are available to online students. For more information, please visit the Academic Support/Ombudsman main page.

STU Testing
The Academic Enhancement Center offers placement-testing services to all undergraduate and graduate applicants. Applicants who do not meet the minimum admissions criteria are required to take a computerized placement test. The purpose of this test is to place students at the appropriate academic level.
  • Online Proctoring Services for St. Thomas University’s Placement Test: Take your exam in the comfort of your home through our online proctoring service, BVirtual. There is a $25 testing fee to take your examination through this service. The Testing Center will set-up the examination and create a testing voucher for you. You will then make a testing appointment online through BVirtual’s Portal. Your exam results will be available and accessible by the Testing Center as soon as you are done with the examination.

For more information about testing, please contact: Mrs. Tatiana Pullen, Testing Center Manager, at (305) 628-6797 or

The St. Thomas Library supports the learning needs of St. Thomas University’s distance students. The Library provides a number of services and resources for remote users. Please visit the library’s Distance Education Services page for more information.

Career Services
St. Thomas University’s Office of Career Services provides a variety of tools for on-campus and online students. The office staff specializes in combining one-on-one career advising with the latest in career-related technology, including an internet-based system for professional, internship, and part-time openings and resume referrals.

Career Services fosters relationships with employers to facilitate employment offers to students and alumni for full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities. Services that online students may find useful include:
  • Student Self-assessment: To identify the student’s interests, abilities, and work values
  • Job search assistance: Providing guidance for resumes, cover letters, and interviews
  • Internships and Experiential Learning: To enhance a student’s marketability and develop valuable skills
  • Career Resources: Giving access to the What can I do with this major?, program, which contains information for students and graduates about the employers and positions available in a chosen field

Please visit the Career Services webpage for information.

Health and Wellness
Please visit the Health and Wellness website for information on coping with stress, alcohol and drug abuse prevention, and other useful websites to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Student Affairs
St. Thomas University offers students access to many organizations and activities meant to stimulate your heart and mind, including athletic events, service & theme clubs, student government, a literary magazine, a campus TV station, the student newspaper, concerts, cookouts, exciting speakers, and worship services. All these outlets provide students the opportunity to interact with members of the Bobcat community and participate in university life.

The personnel in the Office of Student Affairs are eager to assist you in your academic endeavors and to connect you with organizations or activities that fit your interests. Please use the links to the left of the Student Affairs page for more information and to learn more about ways that you can get involved.


Elluminate Live!
Elluminate or Blackboard Collaborate is a Web conferencing tool that brings students and instructors into a virtual classroom with the use of video, audio, dynamic virtual whiteboards and digital slideshows.

To familiarize yourself with Elluminate and its tools, click on the provided link to read an online guide.

St. Thomas provides its online students access to online live tutoring through Smarthinking. To inquire about this service and available subjects, please contact our Academic Enhancement Center:

Monica Hilversum-Perez, Academic Support Specialist
Academic Enhancement Center Tutoring Services

ProctorU is a service that ensures academic integrity of examinations through the use of a webcam, allowing a student to take examinations from any location.

ProctorU is used to verify the student’s identity and confirm that the student completing the assessment is the same person registered for the course.

When ProctorU is used, students must pay a proctoring fee directly to ProctorU upon entering the ProctorU portal to take the assessment. Fees are determined by the length of the exam:

30 minute exam: $8.75
60 minute exam: $17.50
120 minute exam: $25.00
180 minute exam: $33.75
240 minute exam: $42.50

This service is offered through your blackboard/virtual classroom. Ask your instructor for more information.