English for Academic Purposes

The English for Academic Purposes program is designed to help non-native speakers of English obtain the proficiency necessary to operate successfully in the higher education environment. The program provides a cultural orientation to the United States and to the higher education system. Students are tested at the time of registration and are placed into an appropriate level. Each program level takes one semester to complete. The number of levels offered each semester depends on student enrollment. Both before and after arrival at St. Thomas University, students will chart out a course of study with an assigned academic advisor.

There are 3 levels of instruction. ESL 098 and ESL 100 (Levels 4-5) meet 15 hours a week in class, 5 hours a week in Lab, for a total of 20 hours a week. Each level is 15 weeks in length. Grading for the courses is as follows: ESL 098 & 100 courses are graded on the Pass (P)/No Pass (NP) basis. . ESL 098 and 100 are assigned 12 academic credits. EAP 1640 & EAP 1660 (Level 6) meets 6 hours a week in class, 5 hours a week in Lab, for a total of 11 hours a week. Students receive letter grade for EAP 1640 & EAP 1660. Since language proficiency is being assessed, a minimum grade of B is required to pass these two courses. The advanced level EAP courses are assigned 3 credits each, which may be applied toward the General Education Requirements for undergraduates. Students in this level are also invited to take regular credit courses.