Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership 
The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership (B.A. OL) is a management degree designed for self-directed and goal-oriented individuals interested in developing problem solving, decision-making and communication skills.   The student will gain an understanding of the primary functions performed by an organization. The curriculum is designed to fulfill the university’s goals of emphasizing personal growth, individual values and development in areas of human understanding, necessary to successfully lead in today’s fast-moving, ever-changing, global environment.

Our faculty and staff are:
  • Positive and supportive
  • Experienced in following our established curriculum
  • Consistent and action oriented
  • Trained, coached and mentored in the use of online technology and adult teaching methods

Our Students can register for classes, participate in classes, apply for financial aid, pay tuition fees, receive academic advising, and complete faculty/course evaluations entirely online, at anytime and from anywhere. They also have access to academic advising on demand (via telephone, internet, or in person).

Our students, whose average age is 37, are enrolled in a cohort format. The graduation rate within the 15 month time-span is about 90%, and within two years, 96%.  Approximately 90% of graduates go on to Graduate Schools, mainly for the MPS, MS and MBA, but many chose a variety of other academic specializations.

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Features of the Program:
  • Flexible
  • Convenient
  • Accelerated
  • Earn credits for life experience
  • Completely online
  • Adult-Centered
  • Can be completed in 15 months (with prior college credits)
  • 5 week courses
  • Take one course at a time

Program Requirements

For more information contact:
Gillian Fisher
Program Director 
Tel: 305 474 6848