Welcome to St. Thomas University’s Quality Enhancement Plan Webpage! 

What is a Quality Enhancement Plan? 
A Quality Enhancement Plan, or QEP, is a comprehensive, university-wide initiative to improve a significant aspect of student learning. It is required as part of SACS/COC reaffirmation of accreditation. 

What is STU’s QEP? 
Our QEP focuses on improving writing at the undergraduate level through three main initiatives: First-Year Writing Communities, Writing Intensive Courses, and Writing within the Discipline Courses. 

What are First-Year Writing Communities? 
These are Learning Communities with groups of first-year students who take an English composition course linked to another general education course and a first-year experience course. 

What do we mean by Writing Intensive courses? 
To continue to improve student writing beyond the first-year, students will take two courses that focus on writing. Students will be able to choose courses from a variety of disciplines.
What does it mean to “Write within the Discipline”? 
Writing within the Discipline means just that, writing within a chosen discipline, for example, Writing for Psychology or Business Writing. Students will have the opportunity to take a writing course in their chosen major, which will help them to understand and use the conventions specific to that discipline. 

In Addition, we will enhance the current University Writing Center by expanding its services through online tutoring. 

When Will the QEP Begin? 

Fall 2013