Survey Says: You Want to Stay Engaged with Your Alma Mater

Thank you for taking the time to complete our STU Alumni Association Strategic Planning Survey! Your thoughts are critical for guiding us as we develop our 2015-2017 strategic plan.

We asked you what you thought of the Alumni Association’s mission statement, how you want to connect with the university, and how STU and the STU Alumni Association can bring greater value to your life. Here’s what we learned.

Many of you want to participate in alumni events both on and off campus:

How likely are you to attend the following alumni activities?

We have to improve the way we communicate our goals and objectives with you:

Does the Alumni Association have clear goals and objectives for what it wants to achieve, and has communicated them to you?

It’s very important that we provide diverse opportunities for alumni engagement:

How important is it for the Alumni Association to provide the following opportunities to alumni? (Rank In Order of Importance)

We have some work to do to increase participation in alumni events and activities:

How can the Alumni Association break down the barriers to alumni participation in alumni activities? (Rank In Order of Importance)

You want to stay informed:

What is your preferred way of staying connected with the Alumni Association? (Check all that apply)

Thanks again to our survey respondents—and all alumni who continue to give us feedback in other ways. The Alumni Advisory Council strives to develop a three-year strategic plan that will guide the Alumni Association as it continues to serve your needs. If you would like to get involved in the process, please contact Yisel Cabrera, Alumni Director, at 305-628-6562 or Stay tuned for more strategic plan updates soon!