The Office of Physical Plant is located in Lewis Hall

Main Phone Number: 305-628-6594 Main Fax Number: 305-628-6794

The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Physical Plant staff is on duty from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm performing a variety of tasks in building maintenance/repair, housekeeping, grounds and events setup.

Maintenance mechanics are on-call 24 hours a day to respond to any emergencies. To report emergencies after hours please contact the Office of Public Safety at 305-628-6500 and they will in turn contact the mechanic on duty.

  • We are here to help you. By submitting a work order request, we can assist you with: 
  • General repairs
  • Special requests such as assembling furniture or hanging pictures
  • Visual inspections
  • A/C problems

Work order requests for faculty and staff on campus can be placed through the web at in the case of an emergency, please contact Ron Hultquist at 305-333-3062 or (if unavailable) Juan M. Zamora at 305-628-6593.

Our Staff

Juan M. Zamora, Director

Ron Hultquist, Manager, Facilities Operations
Office: 305-474-6802
Cell : 305-333-3062

Jacqueline A. Ordehi, Administrative Coordinator

Monique N. Brijbasi, Associate Director of Risk Management, Environmental Compliance, and Emergency Management

Maintenance Department
Hector Medina, Maintenance Utility Worker
Jose Llamazares, GBM/Mechanical
Sergio Llamazares, Air Conditioning
Junior Matheu, Electrician
Ricardo Ordehi, Locksmith/General Building Maintenance
Orlando Pérez, General Maintenance
Jorge Rodriguez, Painter
Camilo Torres, General Building Maintenance

Grounds Department
Keith Duncanson, Lead Groundsperson

Housekeeping Department (Day Shift)
Omar Duran, Lead Floor-Person 
Juana Bencosme, Cleaner
Macaria Boulden, Cleaner 
Norma Darias, Cleaner
Yhenis De Royal, Cleaner
Maday Perez, Cleaner

Livia Herrera, Cleaner 
Vivian James, Cleaner
Rita Laguna, Cleaner
Clela Niclasse, Cleaner
Maria Rodríguez, Cleaner
Maria A. Rodriguez, Cleaner
Anilda Wright, Cleaner

Housekeeping Department (Night Shift)
Omar Duran, Lead Floor-Person
Maria Duarte, Cleaner
Iluminada Gil, Cleaner
Vicia Medal, Cleaner
Ana Menoscal, Cleaner
Arsenio Santiago, Cleaner