Emergency Management

STU is committed to the coordination, response, and recovery from any major emergency, no matter the cause.  The safety of every member of the University community is of the utmost importance.  


STUAlert! messages are sent via voicemail, text, email, wall-mounted in-class/common-area notification system, and public address system.  When an emergency occurs, an alert will be sent to you via the method(s) you have selected on MyBobcat. Update personal contact information and the methods by which you want to be notified of an emergency by clicking the appropriate link: Students, Faculty, Staff. Students are responsible for maintaining their contact information for STUAlerts! to maximize the University's capability to notify them of a life threatening emergency and issue appropriate protective actions. 

Emergency notifications will also appear on the University’s Facebook & Twitter accounts. Follow at:  Facebook and Twitter.

Emergency Related - Campus Map 

Campus Map of Automated External Defibrillators, Emergency Call Boxes, Emergency Phones, and Primary Areas of Refuge.

Persons with Disabilities

We recognize the need to incorporate provisions to address the specific needs of people with impairments to their vision, hearing, or mobility. Their disabilities may be permanent or temporary. STU addresses this unique issue by allowing individuals with disabilities to register with the University in case they may need assistance during an emergency.  

The University’s Emergency Preparedness Task Force ensures that all individuals with disabilities will have accessibility to all information, plans, products, and services developed for emergency preparedness.  

Persons with Disabilities Registry

Important Contact Information

If dialing from a campus phone, you must first dial "9" and then the number to dial out.  Campus extensions can be dialed directly.  

Life Threatening Emergency 911

University Public Safety 305-628-6500

Report Suspicious Activity 1-855-352-7233

Florida Poison Information Center  305-858-5250

Office of the Physical Plant  305-628-6594

Student Health Center  305-628-6690

Miami-Dade Fire Department  305-759-2468

City of Miami Gardens Police  305-474-6473

Office of Technology Help Desk  305-628-6610