Environmental Compliance & Sustainability

Environmental Compliance and Sustainability (ECS) serves the various University departments and the regulatory community. ECS is responsible for ensuring that campus operations comply with various federal, state, and local regulations.   

STU Environmental Policy Statement

St. Thomas University aims to manage its environmental impact and responsibly manage the campus resources. Its policy is to protect the environment and natural resources. Our goal is the RENEWAL of our relationship with nature, which requires: 

Resource management that is respectful of the environment, that complies with prevailing laws, and that strives to achieve best practices. 

Education and research aimed at sustainability. 

Nurturing our relationship with nature in thought and deed. 

Environmental standards as benchmarks for education and the physical operations of the university, consequently deserving fundamental consideration in policy on curriculum, University processes, materials, and human resources. 

Work to responsibly manage pollution and waste and continually improve the University environmental management system. 

Administrative support of University-wide environmental practices. 

Links with the community in partnerships to spread knowledge of environmental justice and to address our common ecological concerns.