Message from the Director

Dear friend,

It is with great joy to welcome you to Campus Ministry! Here at St. Thomas University, our goal is to assist every individual in becoming a leader for life, so you can discover the many gifts and talents within YOU and the people around YOU!  We seek to assist you and every individual in your search to become holistic so that in turn, you can become an exemplary leader and bring transformation in  your respective communities and fields of study. Campus ministry, driven by our Catholic identity, recognizes four essential Characteristics and uniqueness of a Christian Institution:

“1) Christian Inspiration; 2) Faith Reflection;  3) Fidelity to the Christian Message; 4) Service to the Church and Humanity (Excorde Ecclesia).”

The word “Catholic” means universal. Therefore, Campus Ministry Staff is also sensitive to the ecumenical and interfaith dimension of the University’s population by “welcoming people from all religious and humanistic traditions (Catholic Universities).”

I welcome you with open arms and I invite you to take a few minutes and enjoy a cup of coffee in our office located in the Mimi Dooner Building, room 114.  We would like to meet you! share stories! And welcome you!

Please, join us to kick-off the week with morning prayer and a cup of fresh brewed coffee (Monday—9:15am– 9:25am) at our office.  Also, join us for daily mass at 12:15p.m., Sunday mass at 7:00p.m., in addition to many other programs we have prepared for YOU!  We are looking forward to walk with you during your journey at the University and we continue praying for your success!

Peace & Blessings, 

Claudia H. Herrera
Director of Campus Ministry
PhD Candidate

Mimi Dooner Hall, 114